Sunday, October 18, 2009

White on Weekend .

woot ! finally weekend ! i need refreshing so I'm going out with my boyfriend and a bunch of pals later's what I'll be wearinnggg..
I did realize that I need a bang haircut really soon . or maybe i should grow it out to make boho bangs ?? or maybe I should try straight-cut bangs ??
Zara tweed jacket, Giordano tank top, Moselle pendant necklace, Forever21 pearl necklace, Wishdrobe tiered ruffle skirt, Vintage bejeweled heart belt, Repetto lace-up ballet flats, Chanel bag
I found these Repetto flats in my 'warehouse' again.. I thought these were already lost somewhere as my mom usually gives things that I don't wear again to charity or to my maids. I was so happy when I found these again ! They are super duper comfy plus they're so much better than a simple nude colored flats..Got them at the same time I got the Repetto pink leg warmers (click here to see them) in Paris..They were a tad smaller now, but I don't care..sometimes we have to suffer for fashion (that's why I called my blog glisters and's suppose to mean that fashion can be all that glam but it can also be a lot of pain)..

here's more on the shoes (plus my dog posing with it.. didn't know that he's quite attracted to the camera lenses..)

I got featured on Her Alter Ego's blog by the way :D this is my first time being featured.. So i'm kinda excited i guess.. lol.. thanks for the feature Teresia ! keep blogging :D



Uniqua said...

Don't cut your hair !! you have long, beautiful hair :) I'm so mad at myself for cutting my hair, I ant my long hair back :( I love the tweeded jacket !!


Nutmeg said...

Love the outfit! And congratulations on being featured :)

Jacqueline said...

Don't cut your hair! it is lovely the way it is. Grow out your bangs. I love the belt with that skirt and the jacket. you look so so good! I love your dog and how you write too =)


Jacqueline said...

congrats on your feature! I forgot to add that!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Beautiful!! I bought the same jacket in spring i think it was? i Love it! It looks great on you esp with the dress :)

LOVE your chanel reissue too! is it a metallic? I can't tell from the pics. I've been looking for a matte/distressed grey reissue!

Will definitely link you :)

Malu said...


Yeah, I was featured on fashionjinx! :D
I'd love to excange blog links! I'm going to make a 'daily reads' on my blog tomorrow, I'll make sure to post your link there:D


Malu's Fashionblog

Bunnie said...

Very cute. :) I like those shoes! Never seen anything like them... They really look like the real deal!


Carrie said...

Hi Michelle. Just wanted to say congrats on the feature. You really deserve it! - Finally it's the weekend for you and I'm glad you get a chance to get out. I hope you enjoy yourself. Lovely outfit. I really like the white dress and the tweed blazer. Very simple yet the jacket and your accessories adds a nice touch. Take care, sweetie.

Timeless Fashion... said...

Those repettos are cute; so is you dog :)

Fashion Chalet said...

Gorgeous shoes and thanks, I will add your link in now, too =)


Fashion Chalet said...

Gorgeous shoes and thanks, I will add your link in now, too =)


Shirley Wijaya said...

im so in love with your jacket..:) btw nice outfit..

hannahlizabeth said...

hoooly crap your dog is so amazingly cute!

i adore the way you're wearing ballet shoes, so rad.

and the bang question is tricky - i think you would suit blunt bangs though xx

Angela said...

cute heart belt! i love your dog.

Maria Elizabeth Hoesin said...

i do love your ballerina shoes. :)

Valencia Lia said...

Love love your jacket and the Chanel bag ! I'm really so so envious of you girl :)

Ohhh,and those Repetto ballet flats is really stunning !!

And congrats on yet another feature. Wooohoooo <3

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

haaaa,, surprise for me sist
.. :)
i'm very happy n wanna to say thx a lot for you bcoz featured my blog's link as part of ur latest blog post,, :D

ya,,ur welcome michelle,, ^^

like ur ballerina shoes and ur jacket,,they are so loveable for me,, :)
absolutely michelle,,keep blogging and do better and more better blog post :)

*btw,,about your comment @my blog,,pandora? ya,,i'm familiar with the name. oh ya,,i'll check her link and will visit her blog,, :)

have a nice weekend sist,, ^^

Liz said...

... can I kidnap your dog ?? X) its so cute!! and congrats on being featured! I've never been featured before lol


Sher said...

Hi sweetie,

Thanks for the sweetest comment! And for the link too:)

Congrats on your feature! You look so pretty here in your ballerina-inspired outfit! Love the repetto flats and the tiered skirt!!

Oh and your puppy is really the cutest thing:)


Coco + Audrey said...

You looked way awesome! I love the jacket...and your cute dog too!

Nathalie said...

I WANT your Chanel!
Lovely jacket too!

Minette said...

i'm going to follow your blog.
it's cool

Velo said...

hi there... love ur blog. =)
ur dog is cutee!!
i also love ur ballerina shoes and ur blazer. wanna exchange links?

Superfluamente said...

ooooooooh beautiful shoes!!!!!

CHARLIE said...

love the idea of wearing ballet flats great inspiration! charlie xx

Corinna said...

i love tweed!and your doggie is soo cute:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, you're like a ballerina from the runway as opposed to the stage. Loving those Repetto Lace-Up Ballet Flats - they look so much like pointe shoes. And your styling idea - to toss a plaid top over such a feminine look - is fabulous!

Ooh, straight-cut bangs are fabulous - I have them myself! I think you'd look lovely with them - they add a bit of childlike innocence and raw naivette to hairstyles! :)

Congratulations on being featured over at Her Alter Ego! :)

michelle said...

i have that zara jacket! i love it :) oh but mine's in blue + yellow, i didn't see the one in your color! :O

F i K a said...

michelle..those ballerina flats are awesome!! :D

I really like your outfit dear :)..congratz for the deserved have a great style and also great photos :)

anw,,poninya dipanjangin ajaa chel,,kayaknya bakal keren deh..hihi

Style Bird said...

I love this look..the jacket looks fabulous.Love it.

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! you are so nice! :)

bryna said...

love your bag. and your puppy!

t a l i s h a said...

yea i think you should give those bangs more time.. who knows it'll make you look better as it increases in length.. anyway i adore, i do really mean adore your blog.. although not a big fan of flats, i love repetto.. they're so comfy (when they're of the right size) and it's like walking with naked feet.. hahahah.. i've linked you sweetie.. (:

michelle_ said...

thanks for all the comment peeps ! I've replied to every one of them in your blogs..

FashionJazz said...

I think u look stunning the way u are, what ever u do, will suit u!! Luv ur shoes btw! xxx

Rock-Chique said...

I will! Hehe, I hope you will visit my blog often too :$ I'm a lil bit new thow.

But you're Chanel Chain Bag is awesome, fit wit the outfit. I definitly will follow you ^^

lotsaa love