Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tough Leather for Tough Days

So here I am getting worse in my PMS days -_-" i should be doing my final projects, but I really dont have the urge to do so. So rather than doing the project in a poor quality, I'd rather postpone it and do it later. I also realized that I still can't stop snacking (current snack : cream cheese on whole meal pita bread with artificial sweetener)..
Here's my outfit for today . I had a quiz this morning (in which I didn't study for.. if you follow my tweets then you'll know what I mean).. luckily the teacher was nice enough to give an open-book quiz instead . I AM SOOOO LUCKY TODAY ! turns out that many of you ARE right that maybe my Monday wasn't a sign of a bad week at all. hahaha ..

love the black and white tones in this pictures . reminds me of those old black and white photos.
again another double editing . i just love them both . they're both lovely in different ways.
Zara tank top, unbranded leather jacket, Zara sequin belt, Bangles on the left : armani exchange and vintage, bangle of the right: Hermes Clic-Clacs, Miss Sixty jeans, Pedder Red ankle boots.
My jumbo necklace pile .

I feel like I'm boring you readers with my outfits . I kinda feel am not being as fashionable as I used to be . many of my friends said it's one of the PMS side effect :'(
please give me constructive criticism if I'm boring you all out .

I'm off for today . I need some beauty sleep these days .
Good Night to those who are on my side of the Earth :D and good morning to those on the other side .


Eva Silviana said...

nice pictures michelle :))

Mila said...

We have the same jeans but mine are much darker.
You look great,love it!

janettaylor said...

I love pearls!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!!
Love your necklace pile!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!!
Love your necklace pile!


Kallie said...

great outfit! and your banner for you blog is amazing, i love that you spell out michelle with your hands :)

Jacqueline said...

I love your outfits and your poses very much! Great job on layering those necklaces =) Nite nite!


Ann said...

great outfit and very nice shoes.

xoxo honey.

devishanty said...

noo, I'm not boring at all. and I think you're (still) fashionable :D.
snacking does really help on PMS :D

bloomingvogue said...

You are really fashionable! Don't think so about you ;)

I now how you're feeling. My monday starts at 6 am :(

And I read that it's too hot for a scarf and a sweater? You lucky girl! I'm freezing here in Germany! ;)

Tights Lover said...

Not boring at all! You look great.

Nathalie said...

Those ankle boots are great both for shape and color!

Bella said...

definitely not boring! I love this outfit, actually it's probably my favourite outfit of yours so far :)
but then again I haven't been following too long

Taylor Sterling said...

great outfit and I love the pictures!


Necklace has a Chanel vibe ;)
Don't worry, I'm not bored.

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

oh,,loveable necklace,,

nice post dear,, :)

Valencia Lia said...

Girl,you're not boring us at all !! I really love to see your outfits photos and all the editing of it tooo:)

Always so refreshing. I hate it when I have PMS,ruins everything at my mood as well:(

Beautiful necklace and I love your biker jacket with those mesh heels!

And did you buy those vintage sunnies then ?? Show meee !

CMA said...

this is GORGEOUS darling
love it girlie
so glad i found your blog, thanks for linking me darling
im now following you and ive linked you!!!!

check out my blog @

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Loving the pale hue of the jeans! Would love to exchange links :) xx

liana said...

great accessories.

Risyaa♥ said...

adorable from head to toe.
cool pieces!!!!!!

hannahlizabeth said...

wow that sure is a lucky monday!

i do love the chain detail on your jeans xx

Denise said...

i swear i thought you were dancing. hihihi. you are fun. i love the jacket.

I Am Denise Katipunera

u-ung said...

great style!!!love that leather jacket!! btw, shipping gojane itu tergantung jumlah spatu trus ditambah pajak juga...brubah2 sih kalo pajak itu. kalo ongkir tuh 10% dari total harga spatu orderan..

u-ung said...

great style!!!love that leather jacket!! btw, shipping gojane itu tergantung jumlah spatu trus ditambah pajak juga...brubah2 sih kalo pajak itu. kalo ongkir tuh 10% dari total harga spatu orderan..

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Great look!! love the necklace :)

Phyllis said...

i LOVE your booties! very cute outfit

Valeriesoh said...

Darling, you are so boring.


heehe... don't worry we all pms

all about the style said...

I really love your nacklace !!!

Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

blogwalking. i like ur shoes :D

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

Love the outfit and the necklace pile!!! <3

Ladyulia said...

Oh my God
u always makes me jealous with ur superb cool outfit

If u follow my blog
I'll follor ur blog too
I'm Waiting,,,

LumpexoHoliczka said...

You looks like a rock star !!!!
Super outfit, the jeans and neckleace are great.

amaizing :D

kirstyb said...

loving the outfit cute necklace! im currently eating doritos 2nd packet today - very naughty x

[v.Ni] said...

i love your necklace =)

F i K a said...

heyyy!! you are already fashionable darling!! there's no way that someone can say your style is boring...
I like your style...and day by day you make me love your blog more and more ;)..
it's fun to see your outfit..simple, but still make you look stylish!! :D

I love your shoes and necklace pile!!!

lolichocopop said...

oh thanks (:
yap of course I will (:
follow me too ? (:

Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous. I love your poses!! And your necklaces rock.


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg those jeans are awesome!!!
i can never find jeans to fit me=(

Cafe Fashionista said...

J'adore your top - the chain detailing is gorgeous. There's nothing more fabulous than piling on necklace after necklace - love the jumble effect you've created here.

And don't worry...your blog and your pictures are never boring! :)

Missy said...

love your necklaces!

For all things fashion:

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Cute pictures! You definitely know how to pose in style! xoxoxxo

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh I love the jumbo necklace pile!! The chains, the pearls... gorgeous. =]

Florrie x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love how the necklaces go with the top too. =D

Florrie x

misscindee said...

love the necklace babe. and no you're not boring up. geeze. your outfits are quite creative so dont stop posting. =P

BadRomance said...

Hihi thankyou! Yeah i couldnt enable the comments, but now it works!

Uniqua said...

I love your jewlery !

Bug said...

EEEE!!! I'm so glad I came by, you have such a cute blog! Love the outfit and the pics are super cool - great editing. I have been snaking on cream cheese too lately, but on chocolate zucchini bread, lol.


Nicole Then said...

ooh! cool poses and love the outfit. haha,congrats on beautiful blogger award. you definitely are a winner ;)