Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Just another quickie post for today. I've got tons of studying waiting for me. Nothing too special for today's outfit. Thank god i found that turquoise necklace, now I really do believe that the right accessories can boost an outfit up.
Supré Yellow cardigan as top, Zara Leggings, Necklace from Wishdrobe, Louis Vuitton bag, Pedder Red peep-toe ankle boots.

However, when I got home and when I rumaged my mom's closet. I found this fringe triangle scarf. Dang, I should've found this in the morning.. I love the way it drapes over my yellow cardigan. And I top it off with the same turquoise necklace to bring some more color into the look.
Before and After close-ups !
More photos...

what do you think of it ? :D


F i K a said...

sebenanrnya klo liat fringe scarfnya aja, terkesan tua..tapiii pas dipake sama warna kuning gtu jadi keren lhoo :D

u-ung said...

tasnya baguuuuss!!!suka..suka..hehehhe!!

LifestyleBohemia said...

Love this yellow cardigan. I never thought I'd like yellow, but this really looks stunning!
A huge fan of layered necklaces as well :)
Have a great day!

Mode Junkie said...

LOVEE THE BAG! and don't you just love mom's closets?

Hildi**** said...

damnnn thosee brown shoes arree hottt

Jess said...

nice bag =)

LaPrince said...

shoes and bag r gr8!!!

Carrie said...

I love your outfit!