Monday, October 5, 2009

Exam Day 1 : Not so good :(

Here I am, trying to smidge in some blog post during my exam period. I prefer blogging than studying (duh~). I only have 1 exam tommorow, so I'm gonna use this extra time before I sleep to do some post for today.

Here's what I wore..
Topshop dress, vintage polka dot belt, Zara scarf, Lace undergarment, Forever21 printed bangle, White gladis from Wishdrobe

I just got the scarf from Zara during the weekends. it's so soft and airy ! and the print is wonder ful (at least according to me!) I love playing with scarfs because they give simple combos a more polished look. Another good thing is that scarfs can be played around with they way they are worn.

I just realized that I'm wearing colors from the "chromatic period" (1980s-1990) which was black n' white with primary colors. I know that was totally random but my head is still in exam mode and it's filled with jumbled test materials. XD

my exam wasn't that good today :( it was soo hard and some of the things that came out totally blanked my mind out. Let's just hope that I pass. As long as I don't have to repeat my subjects, I'm quite happy for that.


Angela said...

Love how you layered the dress with a slip! Giving you good luck vibes on your exams!

Phyllis said...

good luck on all your exams! cute outfit

mademoiselle indah said...

gudluck dear!! and i love ur outfit!;p

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Valencia Lia said...

best with your exams girl !! I love love your beautiful scarf and the strappy shoessss.Looking so beautiful as always <3

And of course you'll surely pass your exams. heeeee

Sophie said...

Your scarf and dress are so lovely. Good luck with the exams!xo

Clara said...

great look.
i love your scarf :]