Friday, September 4, 2009

Wish Upon a Trend

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Geez I'm seriously in love with boots when it comes to winter fashion.
firstly. It's a good way to chic-en up your outfit. Second, it's a good reason to get new boots whenever the chilly weather starts. Thirdly, it makes you warm (or maybe not for some that isn't lined with special fibers)! Sadly, none of these reasons above could be applied in my home country. Indonesia is always blazing at around 38 degrees celcius. Perhaps for this, I could suffer a bit for the style. But it's the STARRING I can't stand from people. Boots is like some alien costume here. Even when you wear ankle boots, people still wonder.

Yes I know that many people will just say "who cares what others think. just wear what you feel like wearing". Still as much as I like that statement, I think it's better for me to stick just at the line of the 'jakarta dress code'. I'll wear ankle boots, but i won't wear the high boots anywhere else except for my own college. That's what I like about my campus. You can wear pretty much anything without the need to worry that people think you're an alien.

by the way, i LOOOOOVVVEEE Rodarte's wrapped boot-pants in that gray-brown-whatever color. The color is too die for and the cutting is just well, irresistible.

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