Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vera's Vibe

Looks like Vera Wang has gotten into the the edgy trend hole too. Her collection is usually feminine but this time she's kicking it up to the next level. So far this is my Top 5 Spring 2010 collections. There's this androgyny vibe but the whole silhouette is still very ballerina-ish. Check out the poofy tulle skirt below. That look is a total genious.
The tie up platforms also remind me of a ballerina's pointe shoes. I'd love to have the ballerina and dancer trend to come back.
Photo courtesy of NayDoesBallet from Flickr.

Despite these feminine silhouette and ballerina vibes, the whole looks is toughened up with heavy (VERY heavy in fact) chainmail necklace. black and gray monochromatic colors make this collection close to perfect.

by the way, I'm so jealous of the model's fresh face looks ! How can I ever get that type of skin? (yes i know they wear makeup, but I'm pretty sure their skin is still on their own as well). I'm also crazy with the messy bun. It's like the bun you've been wearing after getting a ballet lesson . :D


Patty Ann said...

omggg i havent even seen the vera wang collection yet
okay i'm going to now
i love both outfits
and im a ballerina
LOVE ballet influences
and like you, i cant wait for that to come back into style!

Jess said...

Love the ballet inspiration. i'm a sucker for that. those runway shoes are fabulous!

E said...

I'd be happy to exchange links with you! Vera is a fabric genius! Oh and you should check out unocosa's blog for how they get that gorgeous runway look - believe me, I've wondered!

Aya Smith said...

That's a beautiful picture with the ballet slippers! Btw, I linked to you... thanks for asking!

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Yeahhhh,you should do a video on it. It would be splendid ! Heeeee
Ohhhh,and yes I'm from Singapore ! You're coming to visit soon ??

And I have those ballet pointe shoes. Was a ballerina for 9 years <3

Meg said...

I love the ballerina look as well, especially toughened up a little.

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Wow this is a very differnt side of Vera. I really like the edgy look!

Thanks for your lovely comment too. Yes I ship to Indonesia- I ship everywhere! Yes I'd be glad to exchange links. Lovely blog!

u-ung said...

ooh ic..ESMOD student produce haute couture stuffs and Lassale produce ready to wear stuffs. is it right??hehehe I really want to join fashion design school,but still dont know which one is the best..hehehe and I dont have an ability in drawing..hahahaha is it possible for me?

Juliet said...


I'd be glad to exchange links with you, I'll put you up there right away. I like this collection a lot!

juliet xxx

yiqin; said...

Love love love the flats!

Taylor Sterling said...

oh darn that necklace is great!!