Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New York fashion week Round up !

So far I’m eyeing out a lot of 90s trends from grunge, minimalism, power dressing and even those out-of-the-box Japanese designers like Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto who used a lot of deconstructive styles. Lately, Marc Jacob’s collection has caused a stir here. Honestly I’m not a fan of it because it’s not wearable at all. I’m excited for Herve Leger’s collection though. Still doing their trademark bodycon dresses, but this time with much more edge. From distressed denim to creamy beiges, every dress int he collection is SUPERB ! Here are a few of my favorites:
of course it features my favorite blue pieces and the white dress second from the left manages to incorporate the cutout trend in a very elegant way. those towering platforms complete the look effortlessly.
Here's another random collage I did on the Spring 2010 shows. I didn't like the whole collection of Y-3 and Behnaz Sarafpour this time. The collage consisted of the few pieces I like (that includes the the asymmetrical blazer from Y3)

ZAC POSEN, one word: very colorful and lively!
It's not all wearable if you follow the styling ensemble. But by choosing a few pieces from the collection, you should be good to go :)
Check out these kick-ass thakoon heels . I don't I'll wear flats every again when I see the heels from Spring 2010 collection. THey are just too good to be passed!


Eva Internazionale said...

I have an insane amount of adoration for Y3.

Little Bo Peeep said...

Herve ledger's collection is simply to die for <3

valonia irene said...

hum yeah todays, heels are really fabulous! I really wanna buy all of them!hha
sure we can exchange link :)
by the way, do u study at fashion business? I really wanna go there.is it fun?hhe xP

Valencia Lia said...

Girl you did such an awesome round up ! Herve Ledger collection is stunning !! All those dresses are really so beautiful and I WANT just one will do. heeeeee

Zac Posen ! Amazing colors used :)

Ohhh,and I'm going to try the hole up tights too soon <3

michelle_ said...

@Eva Internazionale : yes . their collection is very unique. I like the soccer as inspiration. After all, we are having the World Cup at South Africa next year :)

@Little Bo Peeep : I know . i'd love to own of those.

@valonia : yesh i study fashion business ! the material is quite fun but sometimes the teacher is a bit harsh on homework. haha

@valencia: i'm happy that I can inspire someone . (giggles*) ask me if u need any help :) or maybe I can do tutorail videos from now on. haha

lilylove said...

Actually MJ did hell a good job on the clothes. But the scrunchie and the fanny pack? Hmphh I don't really know what to say
But you're right, zac posen is amazing :)


valonia irene said...

uhm but my mom doesn't allow me to go there.she said that it will be hard to find a job x(
is it really like that? well I thought Lasalle give their student a contract with some company right?