Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peach Yogurt

I woke up 1 hour late today because I did too much blog hopping the other night. So my outfit was like a 30sec-put-together-outfit.. I'm working my wardrobe staple: black leggings, long tank, and a jacket plus flats for all day errands. Here's a picture of it:
Pull & Bear layered tank, Zara tartan blazer, Zara leggings, Forever21 cross necklace, Moselle white necklace, Zara leggings, and Tory Burch jelly flats. plus WRP BodyShape Melon milk. haha

I went to PIM2 to get a bang haircut . then went around the mall for a bit and I checked out Ryu Myu (that new store people are raving about in magazines).. I didn't find anything too interesting in particular. My highlight of the day was when I ate Miki Oji San's froyo. I never knew that cheesecake company had froyo. Maybe it was only available at PIM ? Guess what, the froyo was totally awesome. It's one of the few ones that can be compared to my favorite Heavenly Blush pomegranate.



Valencia Lia said...

You did perfectly well for a 30 seconds outfit !! I love your blazer and that necklace of yours :)

Plus is that frozen yogurt that you're having ?!!! Wooooo gonna have some soon. In fact,I just had it a few hours back <3

Vina Sagita said...

30 sec outfit? very cool! your blazer is awesome. :)

and oh, miki ojisan got froyo? wow, maybe i should check one. :)

btw, i linked you! :D

u-ung said...

oo lasalle?? how about ESMOD?which one is better?I really want to join fashion school,but I still confuse..I dont have any ability in drawing sketches.hahahha

michelle_ said...

@Valencia : thanks for the compliment :) yeah that's the froyo i had this afternoon at Pondok Indah Mall.

@Vina Sagita: thankss to you too . yes miki oji san has froyo! I was surprised when I saw the banner as well . haha.. duno if they have it in all outlets.. I went to the PIM skywalk one..

@u-ung: yeah lasalle . esmod is good for design. but lasalle is better for business side. like they teach u to design something that suits the market.. esmod is more like creative stuff you know. haha .