Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'm supposed to be studying for my textiles mini quiz tommorow but I seriously can't be bothered to do so since the topic is very vague and the teacher is no good either . I feel like chopping her up actually. And right now I'm stuck in my grandma's house until like dinner is finished (and dinner hasn't even started . It'll only start at 6). I'm just plain bored right now. I don't have any mood to do any school work at the moment. I don't even want to continue college despite the fact that I'm actually studying fashion as a topic. What's wrong with me in this semester?

I went to Plaza Senayan in the noon for family brunch. I ate Marché, the European food chain. And I had the roasted beef. Tell you what, so far its the best food I've eaten in September. Let's see if I can find something better ;) the picture is the one above by the way. I was surprised that I managed to stay on track with my diet despite the fact that there are many "danger" food choices at the restaurant including a great chocolate drink that I had one sip from my cousin.

I'll be posting of what I wear tonight. I actually liked the look. It's very actually but still chic. Perfect for that lazy sunday mood .

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