Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Derek Lam & his Pretty Prints

I'm in love with Derek Lam's pretty prints this Spring. If I had the cash, I'd be happy to buy his whole collection. Not to the killer shoes that make me go speechless.

The prints used were very artsy. It's not the typical spring flowers and all. They are truly unique. I can't even explain my emotions here on the blog. haha. Lastly, check out the zips of the back of the dresses. Zippers will continue to be a trend a next year. They make any kind of sweet dress more edgy without being over.

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Risyaa♥ said...

thanks hunn.
well actually i'd never leave the house without foundation somehow.
but sometimes i go out without eyeshadow, mascara, blush, or anything at all just foundation. :]

umm i used make up since middle school, luckily it hasn't done anything bad to my face, not even a single pimples or acnes!
when i used the kind of cheap make up it would ruin my face a little but i want to keep my face clear so now i am using a more expensive make up just for the sake of my face. Rupiahs is sacrifice but i got the best products. :]

i'll link you back. thankiee~