Friday, September 11, 2009

Day One : Fashion Week .

Yay ! Fashion Week craze starts today!
I'm just gonna post my favorites here :) [expect to see more posts from the fashion week from my blog by the way..hehehe]

Start with L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani. Her collection is actually very nice this time. Usually I'm not too much of a big fan. The asymetrical shoulder lines is pure awesome !

Then there's Organic by John Patrick. I think it's perfect for spring. It's all very fresh. And I love the sheer high socks worn with shorts! Don't think I can wear that trend here though. I also like the look on the further right with the bra and skirt only plus the sheer high socks again :)

And my next favorite is Helmut Lang ! I love the way he uses a neutral color palette for his spring collection. It's not very common to see designers use a gray, black, and white color palette for spring. But his collection works very well.

I love the black vest over the neutral color palette on the right image. The harem pants also rocks when worn with the artsy print top.

These 2 jackets are to die for ! I bet I can't afford them. haha. And the dress on the very right is very "me". Short, simple, and nicely printed, plus it has the asymetrical shoulders again :)

I like these 2 looks from Vena Cava. It's futuristic & edgy without being over the top.

Next up is BCBG. I always loved BCBG from ages ago. My favorite is probably the red mini dress with some sheer areas. It's sexy without being too revealing. The asymetrical maxi dress is also cool. I like the way it's cut open but super long at the back. The artsy print makes it perfect for day wear.

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