Friday, September 18, 2009

Checkmate .

God teachers are seriously evil. I'm happy that I'm having my Lebaran 1 week holiday (and i am going to BALI TOMMOROW!!!!) buttttttt .. sadly, my teachers are pilling me up with project which are due right away when I'm back from holiday . what crap-ass they are . they should've given prior notice so I could get the work done weeks before the holiday. Now i'm stuck with a pile of homework.. that's why I haven't been blogging much these days . I'll continue to blog more once workflow has relaxed :)

Here's what I wore yesterday .
Zara checked tshirt, Guess yellow printed shirt, Zara sequined belt, Seven for All Mankind skinnies, Zara red peep-toes.

I'm tucking only the front part of my t-shirt by the way . but you can't really see it clearly in the picture :(


regina said...

nice outerwear!!! ilove plaid too much:)))). oay, you must link my regina's coffee shop( not the other one:)))

Sushi said...

Rerally cute shoes! x Sushi

Valencia Lia said...

Plaid over a shirt is way perfect ! And not tucking in your shirt all the way is another way to style an outfit.

Ohhhh I would want those heels :))

evelynpy said...

love the shoes so much..i wanna but it but poor me i can't find my size...happy holiday n enjoy it

u-ung said...

nice plaids,dear!!wow your shoes are so hooott!!

michelle_ said...

@regina: thanks :) me love plaids too! its hard for me to get a nice looking plaid.. i know theres alot of plaids out there.. but I always find it hard to find the perfect one for me..

@sushi : thanks .

@valencia : I'll probably keep doing that half-tucking for quite a while.. hehe

@evelynpy : thanks :) whats ur shoe size ? is it big ?

@ u-ung : tahnksss :)