Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bzzzttt Bali !

you might be wondering why I put that as the title. Well, that's my current "it" saying.. I know so random thing to say yah? heheh
so ! here I am back to Jakarta from paradise island with a hell ton of projects and mid term tests to do ! urrgghhh . so, I'm sad to say, that I'll be lacking of updates once again in this 2 week period. I'm just gonna post up some pictures from highlights of my Bali trip. Wished I had my boyfriend's half-SLR camera photos with me (he uses a Canon G10 by the way. Very nice camera for those who want the SLR experience but hate carrying about the bulk and weight).

I had a very nice trip in fact! Stayed at the Bvlgari (which surprisingly had a LOT of monkeys and i HATE monkeys) and went around the island on a sucky Suzuki Elf which is like a moving vibrator. We wanted to take a better car, but there aren't any other bigger car. We had 10 passengers (and all who were very HUGE in size, and dont forget our 12 piece luggage) and there was no car that was able to catter our passenger number (..and baggages too).

Food was awesome! Ate Mannekepis (Swiss restaurant @ seminyak), The Flying Piano (the only restaurant with beef fondue @ Legian), Bluefin (fusion sushi @ Kuta), Flapjacks (pancake, waffles, and gelato bar @ kuta). Ask me if you need any recommendations :)

Here comes the picture roll!


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