Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brights or Nudes ?

This season is pretty much "Go-out-there colors" or "I'd-blend-in colors". Which category would you fall into ?

Kudos to Mulberry ! Love their collection every single inch. Very bright, young and fun but still classy at the same time. I like the way they use bright colors and prints on classic silhouettes (like an A-line skirt).
Again, the brown and denim color combo here. It's very Southern especially when worn with Fringe boots !
Never thought that top to bottom blue would also work. Turns that it's okay as long as you mix it up in different hues (check that killer navy leather jacket by the way). The beige bag makes the whole look acceptable instead of over-the-top.
Eyeing out on some pastels here . I like the pink & black printed bag. It's a new twist on their classic bags. Usually the bags are quite "adult & old", but now it's more suitable for the young.

Max Azria . This man has done a great job at Herve Leger, let's see how it goes with his own branded collection.
I like the way the cutout details aren't overly done. It's still sexy in a sophisticated way.
I'm pure speechless with these 2 dresses. Maybe I'll go to my tailor and make something similar like this . hehehehee .


Valencia Lia said...

Mulberry's collection really shocked me in a good way !

Adore the pop of colors that they've used :) Amazing !

u-ung said...

ooohh ic..thank u for your information.I'll check for the latest information if I join the school design.It sounds so interesting studying fashion design..hehhehe

valonia irene said...

hem i think i would choose I'd blend in colors hhe.
okeokee I've already linked you :) and thanks for your information about lasalle.
Well yeah it's right nowadays it's hard to find a job everywhere, but my mom keep saying a doctor is the way that I can absolutely get a job. x(

Sushi said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Added you to my blogroll :) x Sushi

beckyxoxo said...

great pics ! love those collections . mulberry's collection is very bright and colorful , love it !

regina said...

hueeee ilove that too, oak michele, i will link you dear, hope you 'll link me too:))))

F i K a said...

great them.but I don't think that a taylor can make a similar dress..hehehe

anw,,aq punya olshop koq..add aja di FB search "NABLY SHOP BYFIKA" atau buka
tapi untuk skr blum ada barang baru..lg vacum smentara...nnti awal oktober mudah2an bisa buka lagi dengan new concept yg lebih fresh :D..mampir2 yaa..hehehe

o iy,,aq ud link kamu jugaa yaa:)..keep in touch

E said...

Herve Leger was phenomenal - I'm thrilled!

michelle_ said...

all comments replied to personal blogs :)

t a l i s h a said...

love the mulberry collection. man ain't they knocked it out with the whole pastel meets bright combo? anyway thanks for linking me. i'll link you back soonnnnnnn i promise.. (:

michelle_ said...

@ talisha : yup yup.. i was surprised with them too ! made a great comeback i guess,. hehehe ..