Thursday, September 24, 2009

Balinese Meal

Another mini update from my Bali trip thanks to blackberry email services + blogger email posting .

This is Nasi Campur Warung Made . One of Bali's famous foods . To me its good, but not as good that it makes me crazy . Maybe because this is a Halal (no pork) version of it . The nasi campur I usually eat back home uses a lot of pork stuff like pork satay, red meat pork, and more . :D

I'll keep posting if I can snap good pics from my sucky BB camera


Valencia Lia said...

It looks yummy and you must be enjoying yourself on your holiday !!!

evelynpy said...

so yummy

F i K a said...

waaa..banyak banget lauknya..hehe
pst kenyang bgt tuh...hihi

yiqin; said...

OMG looks good!

House of Hoodie said...

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michelle_ said...

@Valencia : yup! i did enjoy myself ! and gained 2kg while doing all this eating..

@evelynpy: ho enakan warung wardhani di denpasar nasi campur nyaa..

@fika: saking laper nya gw habis ndiri gtu..

@yiqin: yup! you should come over to bali and eat this! it's worth the trip..haha