Sunday, August 23, 2009


My grandpa just passed away this saturday. He was cremated this morning. needless to say more?

I'll just post some pictures from the hangout I had on Friday with my old friends. It's a good way to cheer things up in this mournful moods.
Sapi still too busy texting even when the food is out !
Seafood Platter @ Gelato Bar, Senayan City

Hana, Savitri, and Me .
Dinner at my favorite restaurant for pasta, Avorio @ PS .
Mine: Black Codfish in tomato paste. Savit: Angel Hair pasta with tuna flakes & olives

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febrina utami putri said...

makasihhh udah komen di blog gueee. itu bkn blazer tp kemeja cowo gt. hehh. RSS apaan yah maaf gaptek nihhhh ahaaha