Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heads Over Heels

So yesterday I went out for lunch with Ayu at Dome, Plaza Indonesia. Then we went for a stroll and we walked into Pedder Red. Guess what? Just when I made my mind up that I'm not going to spend a single more dime for shopping. I met these drop dead gorgeous cage and tan leather heels combo. Sadly, they were out of size for me. So my friend bought the black version and I was left with this sad and happy sorta feeling. Sad because I didn't have my size but happy because I don't have to buy anything again :) BUTTTTTT, today I got a phone call from the shop and they said some other person who reserved the shoes didn't picked up the heels. So, they gave me a day for me to pick it up tommorow :)
(great another spending for me. Since when I'm such a boros person?)

The Kick-Ass Shoes !

Anyways since I didn't post of what I wore yesterday.. Here are some pictures of yesterday's and today's highlights (apart from the caged tan leather heels)..

Twins! Both wearing Robert Rodriguez rompers !
Ayu: Zara jersey blazer, Zara blue tank, yellow elastic belt, Pedder Red heels, Chanel 2.55 bag
Me: Leather jacket from Far East, G2000 sage tank, Forever21 croco belt, Louis Vuitton bag, Louis Vuitton gladiators.

Lunch at Dome
- Chicken Kiev (Chicken stuffed with mushrooms with additional mushroom sauce again!)
- Fried mini drumsticks

As for todayyy.. I had my Data Gathering class at 1pm. I headed to Cork & Screw for lunch first :) I had the organic roast chicken with sweet potatoes on the side. It was VERY VERY good and it was not a fatty food ! My friend's dory gratin is worth checking out. hahaha..
Organic Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

Dori Gratin with Spinach Bechamel

and some retarded photos during class.. :D
Trying out Tika's Geek-Chic Glasses

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