Friday, August 21, 2009

Full Friday

I'm just gonna do a quick post before I go to bed. I'm really tired today. But I had a great time. Went to eat Tutti Frutti yogurt (they've got a new Pina Colada flavour by the way), Gelato Bar, and Avorio (angel hair pasta with tuna flakes & olives with rocket salad and olive & tomato slaughtered sea bass).. Then I watched Taking Pelham 123, which was pretty good !

What I wore today:
It was a very relaxed style. I just wanted something summery and light that is comfortable to wear for the whole day.
Tomodachi dress, Zara knitted cardigan, Marc Jacobs star necklace, layered necklaces, Miu Miu purple pleated clutch, Chanel jelly flats

Details of the layered necklaces :)

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